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Leadership: Being a leader means having the opportunity to influence the lives of Students for eternity. Not only is this a fulfilling role, but also a weighty one. All volunteers will be expected to willingly make sacrifices in furtherance of God’s Kingdom. This may be in the way of finances and material things, but most often, it will be in the way of time. It is very important that volunteers stay faithful with his/her devotions and time with God. Without God’s leading, we will not experience His fullest blessing at the Conference. All volunteers should regularly pray for the Ministry, the Students and for each other. We must be open to God working on us, in us, and through us to accomplish His purposes in reaching Students.


Character: Character is of utmost importance! Therefore, volunteers should continually strive to maintain integrity in his/her personal life, as well as in the public eye (social media, etc.). Whether they like it or not, we are role models. We believe very strongly that volunteers must set the example for those who attend the Conference. Volunteers should also work to build healthy relationships with other volunteers and with Students. After all, one of our main ideologies is relational ministry. We believe that building relationships is often the first step to impacting Students for Christ.


Meetings: It is a requirement to attend at least two training meeting as well as the final walk-thru meeting. Meeting dates will be announced during worship services, posted on the church website and/or be available at the Conference registration site.  If you are unable to attend, you must plan with a member of the Committee to participate in a separate training at least two weeks prior to the Conference. We do not desire to burden your schedule any more than is necessary, but you will not be able to serve as a volunteer at the Conference unless you attend the mandatory training.


Event Attendance: Absent extenuating circumstances, all Volunteers are required to arrive at the conference no later than 6:00 p.m. and fully engage the Students and/or attend to your assigned tasks.  Volunteers may also be asked to assist with various tasks at the end of each day, including, but not limited to, custodial duties, etc.


Safety and Security: All volunteers must fill out and submit a Volunteer Application form prior to participating in the training.  Applicants are asked to disclose any matter which may affect their suitability to work with the Students.   


  • Background Checks: As part of the Volunteer Application, Volunteers will sign a consent authorization for a Criminal Background Check.  The background check must be completed no later than one week prior to the start of the Conference (Please note that any information obtained through this process will be kept confidential). No volunteer will be permitted to serve at the Conference unless their completed background check is on file with the church staff.   

  • Any application with adverse information or questionable background checks will be forwarded to the Executive Pastor. The Executive Pastor will then confer with the Student Ministry Director in dealing with the issues under questions. The Executive Pastor or Student Ministry Director will contact the applicant for conversations concerning the adverse information and/or background information. Additional pastoral and/or counseling resources will be made available to the applicant, as needed.

  • Communication Policy: All communications between volunteers and Students must be appropriate, discreet and positive.  Students should never be addressed in a manner that could be construed as abusive, unreasonable or derogatory in any way. No swearing or abusive language will be tolerated.

  • Interactions with Students: No volunteer should be in a one-on-one situation with any Student. A minimum of two adults, ages 19 and older, must always be present in the classroom.  If an emergency occurs that requires one or more volunteer to leave the room a member of the security and/or administration team should be contacted to sit in the classroom. 

  • Health Issues: If a Student has a health issue/problem it will be noted on their nametag and on their information card. NO medication should be administered by a volunteer except in life threatening situations.


In a situation where a child has a potentially life-threatening condition and medication my need to be given, the designated medical personnel on call will speak to the family and have them complete any necessary paperwork.


Minor accidents (bumps, bites, bruises, scrapes, etc.) will be handled by designated medical personnel.


Removal of Volunteers: Please note that Fallbrook Church reserves the right to remove any volunteer from the Conference at any time for any reason.     

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