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1. All Students must be registered and check in/out of the Conference each day.

2. No one is allowed to attend the Conference without completing all registration materials. Parents/Guardians may be called to verify if there are any discrepancies.

3. Students will not be allowed to go outside of the facility without adult supervision.

4. No insults or sarcasm: We do not put others down, make fun of others (especially those who are not with us), pick on others, or gossip about others.

5. Use your body respectfully: No revealing clothing, No Public Displays of Affection, No chasing, throwing, or hurting others.

6. Keep it clean: no swearing or inappropriate gestures.

7. Special medication, allergies or required items should be indicated on the applicable registration forms and all medications should be given to the Medical Response Team.

8. No illegal drugs, alcohol, dangerous materials or firearms.

9. All Students must respect other’s physical boundaries. Inappropriate behavior (i.e. Physical intimacy or sexual harassment) is not permitted and will NOT be TOLERATED!

10. All Students must wear their name badges at all times during the Conference.

11. Take care of yourself and clean up after yourself.

12. Be considerate and respectful of other Students and Leaders.

13. Be respectful of the facility and all property within the facility.

14. Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action and may include the Student being asked to leave the Conference. Parents will be called to pick them up regardless of the hour.

15. The first infraction will result in a verbal warning. Repeated violations will result in calling the parent to pick the Student up.


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